CBV 18

Bevelling CBV 18

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The beveller CBV 18 IMAC by Lodesani & Carreri Srl is a portable model of strong construction whose transport is facilitated by its size and low weight.
It can work fixed on a work table or directly at the edge of the large sheet metal, so that it can be automatically advanced through the cutter, until the end of processing, without any intervention by the operator. The maximum depth of the bevel at 30° is 18 mm on more passages than on iron sheet.
It can also work both upright and upside down, supported by a bridge crane or mounted on a special carriage (accessory) that can be used to move it and to support it while working on long, heavy and large pieces.
You can make bevels on various angles simply by changing th angle according to the different works to do.

Engine Power Kw 0,75
Voltage Volt 230/400/50/3
Maximum height of the bevel with the sheet weghing 40Kg/mm² at 30° mm 3 -18
Sheet Thickness mm From 5 to 40
Cutting speed mt/min 3
Variable working angle ° 22,5°-30°-37,5°-45°-52,5°
Minimum diameter of pipesi mm 110
Approximative wight Kg 100
Overall dimensions mm 350x550x650

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