Scantonatrici A Angolo Variabile

Variable angle notcher

Technical data and spare parts:


spare parts

The variable angle notching machines are equipped with:
– Oleo dynamic working through two cylinders.
– An absolute rigidity of the notching group is provided by lateral columns and by a central guide.
– A large and rigid working table with directional triple functions engraved brass scales for measuring the various types of notches.
– Squaring guides equipped with 3 reference holes .
– A head configuration allowing cuts longer than the blade length.
– Blade holder sector blocking through five cylinders and a safety device preventing the machine from any movement when the blades are released.
– Slots with brass scales on the working table to enable the operator to use disappearing references and to obtain complex notching.
– A cutting zone protection sheet in Polycarbonate that gives you uninhibited sight of the working area while assuring your maximum safety.
– Fixed adjustment of the upper and lower blades with rectified guides in order to guarantee parallel movements among the blades.
– Internal stroke to turn the notching machine into a small shearing machine in order to get straps with a maximum length of 200 mm (optional).
– Swarf collecting box.

Blade lenght mm 205 205
Blade 60° On black sheet mm / 6
Blade 60° On stainless steel sheet mm / 4
Blade 30° On black sheet mm 4 4
Blade 30° On stainless steel sheet mm 3 3
Stroke electronic control - Optional Optional
Blade gap automatic regulation - Optional Optional
Engine Kw 3 3
Stroke per minute N 50 50
Table dimension mm 1000x935 1000x935
Height of working table mm 930 930
Hydraulic oil Viscosity 46 46
Oil tank capacity (Oil not included) Lt 34 34
Cutting angle ° 30/140 30/140
Overall dimensions mm 1000x1300x1100 1000x1300x1100
Approximatice weight Kg 930 930

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